Altes Spital - Solothurn

"Frakmont" and some very new music! 8.30pm.

Moods - Zürich

"Frakmont" and some very new music! Looking forward!

Jazzclub Luzern - Luzern

"Frakmont", some old classics and some very new music! 7:00pm, Casineum Luzern.

Schaffhauser Jazzfestival - Schaffhausen

We are presenting "Frakmont" in Schaffhausen! On stage: A Bösendorfer Imperial. Join us!

Luzia von Wyl Ensemble - Bird's Eye Jazzclub - Basel

Album Release "Frakmont". 8.30pm

Luzia von Wyl Ensemble - Bird's Eye Jazzclub - Basel

Album Release "Frakmont". 8.30pm

Luzia von Wyl Ensemble - Roch'n'Jazz in the Jean Tinguely Museum - Basel

Album Release "Frakmont". 4pm

New Concert Hall - Andermatt

Concert in the highest concert hall in Switzerland!

Jazzherbst - Konstanz

We are delighted to present new music!

Davos Festival - Davos

New music!

Orchesterhaus - Luzern

Finally live again in Lucerne!

jazzahead! - Bremen


Jazzclub Aarau - Aarau

We are opening the concert season of Jazzclub Aarau - see you there!

jazzahead! - Bremen

Postponed - Showcase

Moods - Zürich

Finally we are presenting "Throwing Coins" in Zürich! Join us!

Album Release - Luzern

Official release of our latest album "Throwing Coins"! We are super excited! 7pm, Marianischer Saal, Luzern.

Moselfestival - Trier

First concert of the "Throwing Coins" tour! Join us in beautiful Trier! 6pm.

BeJazz Winterfestival - Bern

We have been invited to play at the BeJazz Winterfestival. 7pm. Join us!

London New Wind Festival - London

Again: Luzia's piece "Jingle" is going to be played at the London New Wind Festival. Regent Hall, 6pm.

London New Wind Festival - London

Luzia's piece "Jingle" is going to be played at the London New Wind Festival. St Cyprian's Church, 7.30pm.

Lucerne Festival - Luzern

Home match! Luzia is very happy to play her premiere at the great Lucerne Festival! 10pm.

Jazzfestival Schaffhausen - Schaffhausen

We are very much looking forward to playing at Jazzfestival Schaffhausen!

Swiss Days Dubai - Dubai

We have been invited to the United Arab Emirates! And we're overjoyed!

Château Gütsch - Luzern

The Luzia von Wyl Ensemble plays in the castle! Once again we'll be joined by the flutist Andrea Loetscher. At 7pm.

Gare du Nord - Basel

We're playing together with the fantastic flutist Andrea Loetscher in the wonderful Gare du Nord! At 8pm.

Laborbar - Zürich

We're very much looking forward to playing again in the Laborbar! At 7.30pm.

Bahnhofsaal - Malters

A circular stage just before Easter. Musikkreis Malters. At 5pm.

Festival JAZZ GEHT BADEN - Baden

We're really looking forward to playing at the Stanzerei! Be there at 8.15pm.

Theater Casino - Zug

At last out debut album is here! We invite you to our CD launch party in the beautiful Theater Casino Zug: there will be an artist conversation with our composer at 7 pm and a concert at 8 pm, followed by drinks!

Gretchen Club - Berlin

The concert will be in the former stables! Together with the speakers Monika Gugganig, Tobias Scharfenberger, and Markus Hollop, we will make our first appearance in Germany. At 8 pm.

Festival Forum Wallis - Leuk

We're playing in the castle! At the Forum Wallis, Festival for New Music, we will play together with Nicola Romanò, Marcel Lüscher, and Lionel Friedli. At 6 pm.

Burgbachkeller - Zug

Once again we are performing at the grand old Burgbachkeller in Zug. Enjoy hearing music in the dark! Guest musician: Marcel Lüscher.

Gare du Nord - Basel

We've always wanted to play in an old train station... and at last we are now going to be guest artists in the gorgeous Gare du Nord in Basel!

Casineum - Luzern

Home match! The concert will combine Luzia von Wyl's music with the black-and-white pictures of the Lucerne photographer Tomasz Trzebiatowski (who has become well known through the Lucerne Times).

Pavillon Winkelriedhaus - Stans

Hosted by the Nidwaldner Museum and the association "Art in the historical cities of Nidwalden,” we're playing a special kind of concert: the actor Walter Sigi Arnold will read excerpts (in German) from Wilhelm Genazino's novel Die Obdachlosigkeit der Fische (The Homelessness of Fish)! The concert will be filmed by ArtTV.

Laborbar - Zürich

A circular staircase, colorful lighting, and live visuals: we're playing at the Ynight in Zurich! As our opening we'll present the pianist Michael Wendeberg and the vibraphone player Brian Archinal, each playing a solo work: not to be missed!

Ochsen - Muri

At the legendary Ochsen in Muri we're presenting our new concert program Winter. Form a big crowd and come and hear us!

Casineum - Luzern

Home match for our composer. We end our fall tour in the gorgeous Casineum Luzern beneath the chandeliers.

Burgbachkeller - Zug

The Burgbachkeller - a gem! The only question is: will our grand piano really fit through this tiny door?

Kaserne - Bern

Lots of people are scared of the number 13 - but it will definitely bring us good luck!

Jazzcontainer - Uster

Lunchtime concert!

Bärenkeller - Aarburg

Good concerts, fine drinks, nice people - that's what you get at the "Bärechäller." We're looking forward to our second concert.

Theater - Sarnen

The time has come: the newly formed Luzia von Wyl Ensemble is introducing itself live for the first time!

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